Governance Advisory Committee

Committee members include members of the Board of Directors and Members at Large and are mandated to carry out specified functions, programs, or projects assigned by the Board. Governance Committees help the Board do its job.

The Governance Advisory Committee is a standing committee of the ACFP Board and must have at least two Board of Directors, where the Chair must be a past President or Past Board member or a designate from the Board. The Governance Advisory Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Annual recruitment and provision of screened nominees for potential Board members according to Board stated need
  • Annual review and provision of recommendations for changes to Bylaw to be presented to the Board and the Annual Meeting of Members of the ACFP for approval
  • Annual review and provision of recommendations for updates to Board Policies

Committee Members

Dr. Vishal Bhella (Chair), Calgary

Dr. Sudha Koppula (Board Member), Edmonton
Dr. Anila Ramaliu (Board Member), Calgary

Dr. Yasmin Majeed (Member-at-Large), Calgary
Dr. Kathleen Montcrieff (Member-at-Large), Calgary
Dr. Richard Martin (Member-at-Large), Grande Prairie
Dr. Oluseyi Oladele (Member-at-Large), Edmonton