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Board of Directors

The Board is a governing Board under the Bylaws of the Alberta College of Family Physicians. The ACFP Board ensures that:

  • the association is properly managed;
  • its property and assets are suitably cared for; and that
  • high quality services are provided to all its members.

The ACFP President is also the Board Chair and is the official spokesperson on issues that arise during and between Board meetings.

The Board consist of nine Directors. Director terms of office are three years, beginning at the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) held each year in March, with the option of a second three-year term.

Non-Voting Board Liaisons

In January 2016, the structure and mandate of the ACFP Board was changed from a representative governance board to a smaller skills based governing board. At that time, the Board adopted a new recommendation to invite Medical Student Liaisons and Family Medicine Resident Liaisons from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary to attend all of the meetings of the Board as contributors without voting privileges.

2021-2022 Board of Directors