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Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting of Members Highlights

On Thursday, March 25th for the first time in its history, the ACFP Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) was held virtually, followed by an open member forum. Although the event venue took place online, the meeting was informative and well received among the 62 members who attended. Members reviewed and voted electronically on the annual audit, appointment of auditor, and 2021 Board Slate. The 2021 budget plan was also presented for the membership’s information, and the Board announced fees will not be increased for the July 2021-June 2022 membership cycle.

The Newest Member of the ACFP Board of Directors

The membership approved Dr. Everett Zdrill, a family physician practicing in Edson as a Member-at-Large on the ACFP Board of Directors. Dr. Zdrill looks forward to bringing a rural perspective to the board, and to connecting with colleagues whom may not otherwise have contact.

To view his Board bio, see the Board of Directors page.

Greetings from the CFPC

Greetings from President, Dr. Catherine Cervin, and CEO, Dr. Francine Lemire were extended on behalf the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Following the greetings, Dr. Sudha Koppula was inducted as ACFP President with Dr. Vishal Bhella becoming the Past President.

Click on the links below to read the Outgoing President and Incoming President addresses:

Open Member Forum

Leading Through Times of Change

Immediately following the AMM, an open member forum was held. The discussion, “Leading Through Times of Change” was attended by 28 participants. The group identified the top three challenges facing family physicians today as disrespect, time, and burnout. Below are just a few of the potential solutions members brainstormed during breakout sessions. ACFP leadership vowed that under their advisement, these recommendations would help shape the College’s continued advocacy efforts to support family physicians and family medicine as a specialty.

Community Solutions

Group findings were discussed and potential solutions to address the challenges as a community of family physicians were:

  • Expressing gratitude for each other
  • Providing early education on these challenges
  • ACFP representation & involvement in the decision making at various levels of government, engagement
  • Working with AMA and appropriate Sections to understand the complexities and advocacy efforts for appropriate payment, etc.

Individual Opportunities

As individual physician leaders, members identified the following as a few potential solutions:

  • Mentoring newer physicians
  • Check-ins with colleagues; listening to their concerns
  • Supporting students and residents
  • Contributing their stories to the Heart of Family Medicine campaign
  • Promoting the Patient’s Medical Home