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What is Connect Care?

Connect Care will bridge gaps between patients, their health information, healthcare providers, and locations. It will also help to bridge current and future care. Healthcare providers can use the system to identify the decisions and approaches that best improve Albertans’ lives. By sharing knowledge, we can close gaps which ultimately lead to better outcomes and satisfaction for Albertans.

Community practitioners are a huge part of any person’s care team, and it’s vital that they have information and awareness about Connect Care and how it will support and benefit the care of their patients.

What do I need to know?

As Connect Care rolls out, it will change some of the ways we interact and receive information. This includes lab, diagnostic imaging (DI) and some other test results. The information that follows outlines those changes and enhancements to the information you already receive.

Most importantly, you will be given new Connect Care identifiers for use in ordering tests.

You will need to understand how this applies to you, if:

  • You provide care and currently receive lab, diagnostic imaging (DI) and other test results to your EMR through eDelivery. You will be given new Connect Care identifiers to put on all requisitions. More information on the new identifiers will be available soon.
  • You provide care at a single location, which uses a community-based electronic medical record (EMR) and you currently receive electronic lab or DI results, then these eDelivery enhancements apply to you.
  • You provide care in more than one location, with more than one EMR.  More information about these changes will be provided in the coming weeks.

A follow-up FAQ that provides more information about the Connect Care IDs will be available shortly.

For regular updates regarding Connect Care, please visit the Connect Care – Community Provider Resources website.

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