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Wave 2 of Connect Care – Launches October 24

Connect Care will launch “Wave 2” at Edmonton suburban sites on October 24, 2020. Community healthcare providers continue to use their existing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other processes to manage patient information that is not part of the AHS record of care.

Community practitioners are a huge part of any person’s care team, and it’s vital that you have information and awareness about Connect Care and how it will support and benefit the care of your patients. In order, to help ensure a smooth transition, regardless of wave or where you practice and to ensure ongoing delivery of laboratory and diagnostic imaging results to your office, community providers in Alberta need to:

  • Use Connect Care Identifiers
  • Use new requisitions to order labs and diagnostic imaging that can incorporate those identifiers
  • Advise AHS if your practice location(s) change, even if short term
  • Provide your preferred method for receiving results and other information from AHS and affiliated organizations

For more information download the provider update or contact

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