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Up Your Chronic Pain Game! – FREE Pain BC Courses

CMN members can take advantage of this accredited opportunity to help manage chronic pain in their practice. The CMN has partnered with Pain BC to offer three valuable courses to members, free of charge. These courses include “Pain Foundations for Primary Care” ($280 value), “Pain Foundations for Allied Health Providers” ($280 value), and “Gentle Movement & Relaxation” ($80 value). Help your patients get better care and get credits along the way – learn more on the CMN website.

“A fabulous course for all levels and interest. It covers a very broad spectrum with the latest guidelines in chronic pain management. Well worth doing.”

– Pain Foundations course graduate

Pain BC is an organization that strives to play a part in improving the quality of life and outcomes for people living with pain. They hope to achieve this goal through advocacy efforts, the empowerment of people with pain, development of training and supportive resources, and more. The CMN and Pain BC share the belief that these complex issues can only improve with the help and participation of everyone involved. 

“Thank you for putting this course together. I appreciated the practical and theory-based information and the additional resources to use in my practice. The course made me reflect on several aspects of my own practice and how I could make some adjustments to improve my interactions with patients living with persistent pain.”
– Pain Foundations course graduate

The Pain Foundations courses are a self-paced learning resource to help health care providers learn to support their complex pain patients more effectively. These interdisciplinary courses take a holistic, biopsychosocial approach to pain management, with a focus on the lived experience of pain and the impacts it has on a person’s life.

The Gentle Movement course was first developed to be completed in-person for remote BC communities with limited access to physiotherapists. The original program offered low-cost, pain-informed movement classes for people with pain. From this original course, it was transformed into an online, train-the-trainer model, with the hope of teaching professionals how to teach these skills to others within their own practices. The Gentle Movement course has been primarily completed by allied health professionals with a focus on movement, such as kinesiologists, yoga therapists, registered massage therapists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course; every health care professional should take it! I now have a better understanding of pain and have adopted tools that will help me improve function in my clients living with chronic pain. No one should be fearful of movement! Motion is lotion!”
 – Gentle Movement & Relaxation course graduate

In January 2021, in the treatment of chronic pain, Alberta’s health leaders authored “Creating a comprehensive care plan for prescribers and patients requiring chronic long-term opioid therapy in Alberta”. This Agreement in Principle (AiP) was the catalyst to the partnership between the CMN and Pain BC. Joining the CMN and taking part in these excellent educational opportunities is a great way for clinicians to help move the AiP into action.

Questions or concerns about this opportunity? Reach out to us for more information at

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