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Request from Alberta Health – COVID-19 FAQs

The ACFP continues to advocate for family physicians through our relationship with Alberta Health. Recently, the ACFP attended a meeting with Dr. Hinshaw, several leaders in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH), Public Health, and Primary & Community Care.
Alberta Health (AH) acknowledges the important role of family physicians in responding to and recovering from the pandemic over the next couple of years. They also understand that many questions are being asked in visits with patients.

To assist AH in ensuring that the FAQs available on their website are inclusive, they are asking for our help. If you have fielded any COVID-19 specific questions that there are not clear answers to, please email them to: and we will pass them on.

ACFP will continue to bring your voice to discussions at senior leadership levels, working groups, and task forces that have been struck to operationalize the vision and goals of our health system.

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