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Opioid Crisis Response Task Force

Opioid Crisis Response Task Force

In December 2016, in response to the crisis, ACFP Board of Directors struck a Task Force of dedicated family physicians working directly with patients in various practice settings. The Opioid Crisis Response (OCR) Task Force and staff worked closely with membership, stakeholders, and partners to gather information on barriers, variance in care pathways, system changes required, continuing professional development needed, and the need for new initiatives that would better equip our members and colleagues to care for their patients and change the trajectory of the opioid crisis.

The vision of the Task Force was to advocate and develop strategies for minor adjustments in provision of services to drastic systemic changes that will support better and more comprehensive care for their patients and, ultimately, reverse the trajectory of the opioid crisis.

ACFP OCR Task Force Recommendations

This comprehensive reference book offers recommendations on eight system areas that can influence better care for patients with chronic pain, on opioid treatment, with opioid dependency, with opioid use disorder, or those with imminent risk of morbidity or mortality.

These recommendations along with the recommendations of the former  Minister’s Opioid Emergency Response Commission (MOERC) inspired the Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative (PHC ORI) – a two year, $9.5 million grant which ended March 2020.  This multi-partner initiative defined new approaches to address the opioid crisis, building competency and capacity within primary care.

Chronic Pain and Substance Use Task Force Origins

With the end of the PHC ORI in March 2020, the ACFP has secured additional funding to support the Collaborative Mentorship Network for Chronic Pain and Substance Use (CMN), a program established through the PHC ORI, for an additional three years. As a result, the OCR Task Force has evolved into the Chronic Pain and Substance Use (CPSU) Task Force to continue the work of improving the prevention, management, and treatment of chronic pain and substance use in primary care practices throughout Alberta.

Meet the CPSU Task Force

Task Force Members

Ms. Terri Potter (Chair), Executive Director, ACFP, Edmonton
Dr. Helen Bouman, Calgary
Dr. Simon Colgan, Calgary
Dr. Ted Findlay, Calgary
Dr. Christine Kennedy, Fort McMurray
Dr. Tina Korownyk, Edmonton



Dr. Jazmin Marlinga, Calgary
Dr. Yasmin Majeed, Calgary
Dr. Tally Mogus, Edmonton
Dr. Jovita Ojadi, Red Deer
Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw, Pincher Creek
Dr. Monica Wickland-Weller, Edmonton