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October President’s Message

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We continue to face challenges from the pandemic and from the uncertainty around the future of health care in the province, particularly as it relates to funding and delivery of primary care.

We have continued our advocacy work behind the scenes including in meeting with officials with the Ministry of Health, AHS, and our primary care allies through the Primary Care Alliance. These conversations continue and we remain consistent in our message of strong, integrated, publicly funded primary care and the importance family physicians play in the delivery of health care, both from the perspective of cost effectiveness and improving outcomes of care within a health system.

I recognize that many feel discouraged by the past year. In addition to our advocacy efforts with policy makers and other health care organizations, we have also recognized the importance of the public receiving and understanding the message that family physicians play a unique and important role in delivering care.

The ACFP Board of Directors are pleased with how the “I Stand” video has turned out and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. Since its initial release, the video has garnered:

  • 132 hours of watch time
  • Over 2, 000 views on YouTube
  • Reached over 32,000 people on Facebook
  • Over 1,500 Reactions, Comments & Shares

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the months ahead, we will begin sharing the unique and privileged relationship we possess with our patients through their voices.

Help Us Get a Million Views

Let’s keep the momentum going, share the video (and the ones to come) on your social feeds, embed the video on your clinic websites, request the video through HUTV, or add it to your clinic monitors. We want all Albertans to see the impact family doctors make on their patients, communities, the province each and every day.

Through word of mouth we hope to achieve a million views, tag your posts with #HelpUsGetaMillionViews and visit our web page with all the information you might need to get started (e.g. logos, images, social media prompts, etc.).

Share Your Story

Along with patient stories, we have been sharing your stories through podcast. Our episodes continue to grow, with three new episodes for you to enjoy this month, and we hope to hear you on the next one! If you are interested in joining Terri on a podcast or contributing a blog/article please email:

Thank you to those who have already lent us their voices and shared their passions within family medicine. You can subscribe to our Heart of Family Medicine podcast on Libsyn, Apple Podcast, or Google Podcast.

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