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Patient Stories

A family doctor-patient relationship is often times one of the most trusted in health care. Take a look at what patients are saying about why their family docs rock.

Prize of the Medical Profession

Dr. Saieed with her patients.

Dr. Saieed is so very competent and intelligent. She is an experienced and talented diagnostician. An honest, compassionate, kind, and wise human being. She sees us as people first, respectfully, then sees to our physical and mental health. Her well organized office and well-trained staff, follow-up and communication skills are admirable.

She is a prize of the medical profession. We are not overstating her qualities nor trying to flatter. We are stating the facts, as we have known them to be for 12 years. We are aware of other patients and employees of hers, who would immediately state the same. We have worked with many physicians during our roughly 65 years of life; and through elder care of our 4 parents. Dr. Saieed certainly ranks amongst the very best.

My husband and I established our longitudinal physician-patient relationship with Dr. Saieed in May of 2007. We benefit at each encounter from the consistent high standards she demands of herself. This requires hard work, discipline, and inner strength. We count ourselves so fortunate to have her help and guidance through issues. We could expand on these, but suffice it to say that cancer, heart issues, death of loved ones, debilitating conditions, have been some of the more serious ones. My husband is alive today, directly because of Dr. Saieed’s immediate responses, follow-ups, and support of us both, when life-threatening cancer & treatment happened in 2016. She continues to help us through multiple side effects of this issue.

From our first appointment in 2007, Dr. Saieed has maintained high standards of patient care and promotes pro-activeness and prevention. She finds ways to motivate and teach us to care for ourselves. Gives us courage and support to patiently work through adverse issues, no matter how tired we are. She is our rock. Her support is consistent, solid, and inclusive – even through her own personal adversities. When we stumble, she is there. We are a good team

We Salute You!

We salute Dr. Fraser Leishman, our new family Doctor in Claresholm Alberta. It is a privilege to be a patient of this dedicated physician, who seeks to provide his patients with the upmost care and concern. We are grateful for his tireless help, along with his staff. As we journey through some complex health issues, we feel less stressed having him to advocate for our health and well being. We salute you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts

G and L Rawleigh, Claresholm

Above and Beyond!

My family doc rocks! Dr. Matthew Quinn is amazing with our family, he never makes you feel rushed or ashamed of what may be an embarrassing issue. He is easy to talk to and makes you feel like you are his #1 priority. He took my concerns about my 3 year old son seriously and really took the time to examine him thoroughly when I was concerned about his gait. (My son’s paediatrician who I will not name dismissed my concerns as nothing). He felt like there really was something going on and sent us onto a orthopedic surgeon, who then sent us on to Dr. Man-Joe (Joe) Watt, also an absolutely amazing doctor (but not a family doctor). Dr. Watt diagnosed our son with a rare neuromuscular disease, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease type 1A. When Dr. Quinn got the diagnosis he said that he had seen one patient with it in medical school, but had never had a patient with it. So he would study and become much more familiar with it.

Dr. Quinn has an easy-going personality that just puts you at ease, my son is naturally quite shy, but not with Dr. Q. He actually gets excited when we are going for an appointment. Now that he is in school, I make appointments for myself when he is at school and when he finds out I went to see Dr. Q without him, he is disappointed. Dr. Quinn always asks how my little man is doing and is up to date on the information from our specialist appointments as I always make certain that he is copied on all reports. When it came time for our son to need a medical stroller, he gave our private insurance company the report they required, it came back three times with more questions. He spent a lot of time in trying to help us get it approved. He never charged us for any forms he needed to fill out, and has never charged us for many more forms he has to fill out for us. Unfortunately we were never approved by our insurance company for the stroller, but he directed us to AADL for a pediatric wheelchair, which was approved and has helped my son’s pain level and fatigue issues tremendously. In summary, he is the only doctor I have ever trusted enough to be 100% completely honest with and trust him completely with the health of myself and the most important person in the world to me, my son.
Spruce Grove

We Salute You!

My Doctor, Jacques Van Straaten, has made a very significant impact in my family’s health. We first started visiting him seven years ago after the birth on my first child. I was a new mom who struggled a great deal with anxiety and post partum depression. We made many visits to the doctor where he patiently and kindly calmed my fears and took time to listen to my worries. What Dr. Van Straaten did was give me the skills to understand when I needed to be worried and what was less concerning. He taught me what symptoms he looks for and WHY. This has helped an anxious Mom look at my family’s health with so much more of a “fact based” lens where I could feel more confident knowing how to help my children as opposed to an emotional reaction of panic like I would have. Of course, there have still been many visits to his office when there may not have been a need, yet he still takes the time to explain why he is not concerned or when to come back.

Dr. Van Straaten is funny and kind and patient. My children love visiting because of his funny noises and jokes he makes with them. I love visiting him because of his ability to see me as a person, not just a patient, who wants to leave his office feeling heard and my concerns validated. No matter the line behind us, Dr. Van Straaten is thorough and takes my concerns seriously. Dr. Van Straaten has helped me with managing my mental wellness and encourages me to change my life in many ways without just medication. We have talked at length about weight management in over all health and supported my husband and I to loose a collective 230lbs.

I really believe that Dr. Van Straaten has kept me alive and well these past seven years. I know that under the care of a physician who have been dismissive or less patient, I know my mental well being would have gone unmanaged and I would have sank. We are so happy and healthy, living our best lives because I know if I need him, Dr. Van Straaten will be there for us.

Thank you very much for all you do. And for the work of other physicians like you.
Jenna, Bryan, Isaac, and Anna Friesen

The Best Care for Me and My Family!

Dr. Taryn Baise at the Yellowbird Family Clinic is my family doctor and I am so grateful for her. She has been my doctor for 15+ years and always makes me feel comfortable talking to her. She is always understanding and helpful with everything I come to her for. When I had my son instead of him having a pediatrician I wanted him to have Dr. Baise. I knew he would have the best care with her, and I was right. I truly believe she cares for her patients. Not only has she taken the best care of my family medically but also gave this new Momma wonderful and much needed motherly advice.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Baise as my family doctor. Her office staff are also an amazing group of ladies.
Kimberly & Isaac Holland, Edmonton

A Life Saver

Hello I’d like to tell you about my family doctor and what she means to me and my family. Dr. Debbie Semeniuk is truly a life saver. I have been seeing Dr. D for about 23 years and would be lost without her.

Her persistence and dedication are second to none. She listens, and I mean, listens to me. I have never been rushed through an appointment as she is very thorough. Dr. Semeniuk has caught cancerous cells at stage 4 (I had been out of province for two years and not had a Pap test) and we dealt with that immediately! That was about 20 years ago. The irregular cells still come up at times but as Dr.D insists on yearly paps we are on top of things. I am 59 years old now and have also had three strokes in my life. The last two being about two years apart. As I have stated she is diligent and professional and without her I am sure I would not be here.

I trust her so much she is also my daughter’s and my granddaughters’ Doctor. So three generations of women see, trust, and love her. Dr Debbie Semeniuk is the best!! There are times I am so thankful for her as she knows me, my habits, and my lifestyle. Trust is huge and she has earned and received it in kind.

Thank you for this opportunity to let you know how much family doctors are needed.
Melodie Storey

Second to None!

Although this physician is not my personal family physician I want to share a story about how my family doc rocks! I am the clinic manager for a family practice in Calgary, Alberta and I would like to recognize the amazing work of Dr. Rachel Delacretaz.

Dr. Rachel, as her patients know her, is one of the most committed and dedicated physicians I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She consistently goes over and above for her patients and her bedside manner is second to none. On multiple occasions Dr. Rachel has herself escorted patients to the emergency room as they were either too afraid to go or unsure of what to say when they got there. She has created a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in her practice rooms with toys for children and colouring books for kids and adults to help make people feel at ease. Dr. Rachel is always taking extra time with patients or coming in early or late in the day to accommodate their schedules. As an employer, she is always amazingly kind and supportive. She always brings treats for the staff and always makes sure that everyone has a smile on their face.

Thank you for everything Dr. Rachel Delacretaz. You are truly an inspiration.
#FamilyDocsRock #LoveMyFamilyDoc

Going the Extra Mile!

Our family physician is amazing. She is always willing to go the extra mile to navigate my husband and children’s frustration skin (eczema sufferers), and respiratory issues (multiple allergens). She is kind and caring to our children and a true professional. I know we are lucky to have her and I wish more physicians loved their profession and treated their patients the way that she does.
Natalie Chrapko, Lloydminster


Dr. Timothy Hanton of Killam Medical Practice has always treated me with kindness, respect, and understanding. Even when busy, he has made time to actually listen to me. There have been times where he has needed to deal with the irrational in me and has handled that well! Best family Doctor hands down. We appreciate him so much that even though we moved from the area we still travel back to the area 2 hours to doctor with him! Would not trade him for anything.
Deborah Proctor

A Privilege to Receive Her Care!

My family has the privilege to receive care from Dr. van Rooyen in Okotoks. She recently relocated to Okotoks after years of practice in Airdrie and my family didn’t think twice about following her south for ongoing care.

My Husband and I struggled for years to have a family. I had many appointments with Dr. van Rooyen during our 3 years of infertility and her care was nothing short of amazing. Dr. van Rooyen took the time to hear all of my concerns, ensure I understood test and treatment options and listened while I shed a few tears in her office. I don’t think she will ever understand that she was one of our only positive experiences during a difficult time and how much my family appreciates her dedication to her profession and patients.

Thank you Dr. van Rooyen!
the Riccetto Family

Providing the Best Care to Three Generations!

We returned to Edmonton in 1986. We had asked the Mayerthorpe doctor if he could refer a GP to us. He referred us to Dr. E.P. Schuster.

He has looked after us, our children, and grandchildren. Now there is a great-grandchild, however they do not live locally. He has seen our 3 daughters through having children. A couple of the grandkids have had issues which he has seen us through. One has had some mental health issues and she is doing great. Our youngest daughter with her first child had a very severe bladder infection and was in hospital in high risk pregnancy. Her son was born with many issues, congenital heart defect, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Dr. Schuster has been such a rock through all of our ups and downs and shared our sorrow and our joys. His wife is his nurse and the team of the two of them have gotten us through some rough times. He is gentle, kind, and never seems to rush you.

Our family would really like it if he was acknowledged as in our opinion he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for this opportunity to express our gratitude.
Cathie MacLean and extended family

Fortunate and Grateful to Have Her

I consider myself fortunate to have gotten into Dr. Polushin’s practice at the referral of someone who was like a sister to me; it’s hard to believe that it has been more than a decade, but that just goes to speak to how phenomenal she is as a family doctor.

Dr. Polushin is the kind of family doctor that most would aspire to be.
She is the family doctor who has been known to create appointments on her days off so that I could be seen when I was off work for months with a back injury.

She is the family doctor who strives to meet me where I am at. So if it is a day with limited eye contact, raging anxiety, and truly not knowing the next step forward to make things better, she gives me the time/space to answer, patiently repeats the plan of action numerous times while I wait for my brain to catch up with what she is saying, and radiates calm and confidence that this is just a blip in the road, not a bottomless pit.

She is the family doctor who will phone personally to relay insights from discussions she has had with other professionals, to check in and make sure I was on the road to recovery post hospitalization, and to update on the referral process and plan of care.

Here is to hoping I can convince her to be in practice another 10 years!
Angela Bokenfohr, Edmonton

Could Not Ask for a Better Doctor

I met my family doctor a few years after moving to Edmonton. He has been absolutely the greatest thing to happen for me. At first my health was fine, no major issues but as time has gone on things have not gone as well. Dr. Carter, at the Gateway Medical Clinic, has taken everything in stride. It doesn’t seem to matter what difficulty I am currently facing, he is willing to take the time to try to figure out how to help me and to refer me to the best specialists he knows. He is always willing to take a little extra time for me as he knows sometimes things are not going to be quick. Dr. Carter always has time to talk and is willing to call my specialists if needed to help figure out how to best help me. I could not ask for better care or doctor.

Sandra Pick
Edmonton, Alberta

So Thankful for Her!

I would like to acknowledge our family doctor, Nadine Potvin. Nadine and her husband are doctors in our small community in northern Alberta. Nick sits on a number of different palliative care boards and has a passion for helping those in their end of life stages. Nadine has a number of patients in Long Term Care that sing her praises. They have keen minds and excellent bedside manner.

I specifically would like to highlight Nadine, she is our family doctor and has helped me this past year in ways I didn’t know I needed. She listened, gave advice, and helped me to make key decisions in my healing process. Her care and capacity to sympathize with all walks of life is why I am better today. My family and myself are deeply impacted by her care for my illness and we are so thankful for her.

Tamara Brunham

The Most Amazing Doctor

Dr. Janice May is the most amazing doctor and I would never trade her for anyone else.
She is knowledgeable, kind, sympathetic and funny. Whenever I am waiting in the room for my turn I can hear all the laughter in the other rooms; Dr. May takes the time each visit needs and I never feel rushed! When my mom died, she called and asked if there was anything she could do.
She delivered my second child and I feel like she is family. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was incredibly encouraging and walked with me through one of the most significant health issues I have had.

I think of her as a friend and I know she sincerely cares about my entire family. I love her as a doctor and a person; I know how blessed I am that she is my family doctor.

Karen Sucie, Edmonton

A Very Sad Day When He Retires

Dr. Peter Hum is the best, most caring and wonderful doctor I have ever had! He is the only Doctor I know that actually will go on his own time to see his patients that are in the hospital. I never feel he is rushing me and actually listens, is knowledgeable, empathic, and truly cares I cannot say enough good things about him! It will be a very sad day when he retires!

Jill, Edmonton

I Nominate My Doctor!

My doctor is always happy, shows she enjoys her job. Thorough. Efficient. Let’s you know your test results good or bad within a respectable amount of time. If she doesn’t know or feels you need a specialist, she is quick to send you on to someone else for help. She is very comfortable to talk to and she actually listens. I love her—she is only the second doctor I’ve had in my 63 years that I’ve been absolutely comfortable with. I nominate Dr. Vasiliki Giannitsos of Hinton Alberta.


A God Send

My doctor, Dr. LeRose Dhanoa in Edmonton, AB, has been a god sent! He greets me every time with the biggest and most warm smile as if to say I’m glad you came in! It immediately puts me at ease. He really listens to me and is so caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain things I don’t understand completely. I feel like I have hope in managing my chronic pain and medical condition!

Proud to Call Her My Doctor

I would like to nominate my doctor, Dr. Irene Colliton. I have had her as my physician for 38 years. She delivered my daughter who also has her as a physician now. She also saw me through my second pregnancy and Irene has cared for both of my children. She was supportive and so helpful when I had breast cancer and I never feel rushed, she asks about me, my job, and my family. She helped me tremendously when my mother was in the hospital at the end of her life and Irene took over her care reversing a previous made decision and supporting me through this difficult time.

She is thorough and takes your concerns seriously. I work in a hospital and interact with a lot of doctors and she is one of the best family medicine practitioners I have ever met. I am proud to call her my doctor

I am blessed

Dr. Rudy Peters has been my doctor for over 30 years, and I am blessed. He is thorough on medical examinations, takes the time to explain everything, offers different choices, and gives medications only if needed. Thank you
Karen, Edmonton

Best and Most Compassionate Doctor in Alberta!

I’ve known my Doctor since he began practising medicine with my Grandmother in the early 90s. I just recently relocated back to Medicine Hat and I’m so fortunate and grateful to Dr. BRATVOLD for accepting me and my wife. He’s the best and most compassionate Doctor in Alberta!
The Boshees, Medicine Hat

Above and Beyond for Me and Our Community

I have had the same two physicians for 30 years. They are husband and wife Dr. Mike Peyton, Dr. Rosalind Beacom. What they have done for me & my family over this past 30 years is incredible. They have helped me through births, deaths, family injuries, losing my mother to dementia, support for all illnesses anyone in my family has had. They go above and beyond, calling to check up after we have gone home and offering solutions to many personal issues that we certainly may have not thought of. Their kindness, compassion, and support is the best. In their office, you are never rushed, or never hurried, and you are certainly always given an appointment. These people are the most genuine people I have ever doctored with. They certainly deserve to be recognized for all they have done, not just for me and my family, but the community we live in. They have been involved in recruitment of several physicians over the years going so far as co-signing loans for these new physicians. Dr. Peyton was the only one who could do c-sections for many years being on call for all 3 clinics. He was also the Chief Physician at the local hospital for at least 17 years. They both actively worked in the hospital delivering many, many babies. But they were also involved in the local hockey association packing along extra kids to many games, as well as soccer, and Dr. Beacom competed for years with the local soccer teams. These two are all around great people who are dedicated physicians who never think about going the extra for someone else. Thank you so much Mike & Ros (another thing they insist on calling them by first name). Happy World Family Doctor Day. You are the best.

Heather Barrett, Drayton Valley

Truly Family

Dr Nigel Flook has been my doctor since I was 21. He is amazing! He’s kind and patient and very thorough. He has brought our family through many medical emergencies and scares, he is my children’s doctor and now my grandchildren’s. It’s a 40-minute drive, I have to pay for parking, and sometimes wait, but it’s worth it! And if it’s a real emergency he gets us in. I can honestly say I love my doctor, he is truly a family doctor. So thank you Dr. Flook 😘

St. Albert

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