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Mainpro+ Credit Requirements

Members of the CFPC are required to complete and report credits to maintain CFPC membership and any CFPC designations held.  A minimum of 250 credits in each five-year cycle must be submitted to fulfill CPD requirements set out by the CFPC. At least 125 credits must be certified credits and a maximum of 125 non-certified credits.

Mainpro+ Credit Requirements

  • A minimum 125 certified credits
  • A maximum of 125 non-certified credits
  • Credits can be in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment)
  • There are no category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment) maximums
  • All activities must be reported online on the Mainpro+ Credit Reporting Portal

Download the eligible activities guide.

Members in the Affiliate Specialist or Sustaining membership categories may have different credit requirements and should refer to the CFPC’s CPD FAQs for information.

Five Year Cycle Start and End Dates

All five-year cycles begin on July 1st and end on June 30th. Log in to your Mainpro+® account to check where you are in your five-year cycle and to ensure your credit reporting is up to date.

Annual Credit Reporting Requirements

All members of the CFPC must record at least 25 credits annually. These credits can be certified or non-certified. The annual reporting cycle is also July 1st to June 30th.

Non-Compliance Policy

CFPC’s non-compliance policy will be initiated if credit requirements are not met within the five-year cycle.

Individuals who fail to comply with the CFPC’s requirements related to CPD and/or annual membership fees shall have their CFPC membership and the right to use any CFPC Special Designation suspended or revoked as per section 9.11. of the CFPC Bylaws.

For more information on the policy and process visit the page 3 of the CFPC’s Mainpro User Manual.

CFPC members or Non-Member Mainpro+ Participants who do not meet the credit requirements of their five-year cycle will be placed in a two year remedial cycle. For more information of the remedial cycle visit the What happens during a two-year remedial cycle? page or the CFPC Mainpro+ FAQs page.