Lobbying Efforts

ACFP – A Registered Lobbyist

In early 2020, the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) reached a threshold of time spent communicating and meeting with the government. Because of this, the ACFP has become a registered lobbyist.

What It Means To Be a Lobbyist

As a registered lobbyist, the ACFP now files a report every six months with the public registry, which includes a list of all our activities to bring the voice of family physicians to elected leaders, bureaucrats, and the health authority in Alberta.

Semi-Annual Updates

These semi-annual updates document all meetings, written communications (hard copy, or electronic), phone calls, social media, or grassroots efforts.

For full details, read our most recent semi-annual report, which can also be accessed publicly by searching Alberta College of Family Physicians on the Alberta Lobbyist Registry website – www.albertalobbyistregistry.ca.


News & Events

Read our most recent letter to the Premier:

November 27, 2023 – Letter to the Premier: A response to the Government of Alberta’s strengthening primary care with nurse practitioners

Read the Letter

What is Lobbying?

As defined by the Alberta Lobbyist Registry, lobbying means “to communicate with a public office holder, directly or through grassroots communication, in an attempt to influence matters relating to:

  • the development, enactment, introduction, amendment, passage or defeat of legislation (including legislative proposals, bills, resolutions, regulations and orders in council);
  • the development, establishment, amendment, or termination of any program, policy, directive or guideline of the Government or a prescribed Provincial entity;
  • the awarding of any grant or financial benefit by or on behalf of the Government or a prescribed Provincial entity;
  • decisions by the Executive Council or a member of the Executive Council to transfer from the Crown for consideration all or part of, or any interest in or asset of, any business, enterprise or institution that provides goods or services to the Crown, a prescribed Provincial entity, or the public; or
  • decisions by the Executive Council or a member of the Executive Council to have the private sector, instead of the Crown, provide goods and services to the Government.”

(Office of the Ethics Commission, “What is Lobbying and am I a Lobbyist?“)