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Taking on Learners in your Early Years of Practice

By: Kiran Dhillon For physicians in the early years of practice, it can seem a bit daunting to start taking on learners. As a new in practice physician myself, who has just started to have medical students in my clinic, I’ve had the chance to reflect on the reasons why I think taking on learners…

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Enhancements to Engage Primary Care, ACFP’s Leader Registry

Alberta’s health care system is constantly evolving and primary care is being asked more and more to provide advice and input on these changes. To ensure the voice of family physicians is heard when these requests come in, we have created the Engage Primary Care portal–a way to link requesters to those physicians who want…

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April’s E-Panel Results Are In!

April’s e-Panel asked about Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs) and how they can be better accepted and implemented by primary care physicians. Respondents were also asked to rank barriers to using CDSTs in their practices, list their favourite CDSTs, and discuss ways that CDSTs can be developed to be most useful at the point of…

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Leadership Is About the “Little Things”

  Read the full March eNews and President’s Message. “It takes team, grit, determination, and perseverance. If you trust in your people, and equally importantly, they trust you, amazing things can happen.” Darby Allen, Former Fire Chief, Fort McMurray, Alberta (Keynote, 63rd Annual Scientific Assembly) As in emergency response, leadership in family medicine is not…

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Leadership for Where You Are

When physicians hear “leadership”, many think it’s a title for their peers who have been in the system for years and take part in provincial committees; but leadership is being redefined by physicians in all stages of their career. Dr. Dinesh Witharana, a physician in his first five years of family practice, took some time…

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December’s E-Panel Results Are In!

Results of the December e-panel on digestive health clinical care pathways show that most physicians find them useful and feel there is a way to integrate them into practice before seeking a specialist referral. The sample size of this survey was 29 family physicians from across Alberta. 87% of respondents state that clinical care pathways…

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