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June – Message from the President

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We often speak of leadership in Family Medicine and it is important to remember that leadership comes in many forms and contexts.  Whether it be involvement in national/provincial committees or working within our clinics and with our patients – leadership is woven into all aspects of being a family physician.  To recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of our colleagues in settings across the province, we are launching a new addition to our monthly eNews – “Everyday Excellence – Celebrating our Members.”

“Everyday Excellence” will build on the success of our Family Docs Rock campaign and the ACFP’s annual awards, but with a twist. This is an informal opportunity for our members to recommend a colleague or peer to spotlight within our community of family physicians. Recognition is not limited to any set of criteria and could include for example, highlighting those whose approach to managing teams, guiding peers, or enhancing their communities is one that inspires you. Each featured member will also be showcased on the ACFP website. Recognizing our members’ dedication to excellence, the ACFP understands the importance of recognizing the role each and every one of us plays in delivering high quality care to patients across the province.

Do you know someone who inspires you as a family physician? We invite you to help us showcase the valuable work family doctors provide every day.  Suggest a colleague or peer for an upcoming feature. To submit your recommendation or for more information, contact Lindsay Rankin, Coordinator for Communications and Member Programs, via email or phone (587) 525-8440.


Vishal Bhella, MD, CCFP
Alberta College of Family Physicians

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