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Important Changes to the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members

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Hello ACFP Members,

In 2021, the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) will be held virtually due to COVID-19. Electronic voting will also be introduced. With these virtual opportunities, we are expecting that more of our members will be able to participate. 

Changes to 2021 AMM
Historically, the AMM has been held in early March on site at the ACFP Family Medicine Summit (Summit) previously known as the Annual Scientific Assembly (ASA). Due to increasing number of COVID cases, this upcoming Summit 2021 will be held virtually.
In 2021, the ACFP will host the AMM as a stand-alone virtual event held sometime after the Summit. The upcoming AMM will also include the Induction Ceremony for Incoming President, Dr. Sudha Koppula followed by an open member forum about challenges currently facing our profession.

Vishal Bhella MD, CCFP
Alberta College of Family Physicians

Next Steps

January 2021 Special Meeting – Bylaw Changes
In order to follow the legislation that our organization is governed by, the ACFP Bylaws must be amended allowing for a virtual Annual Meeting and electronic voting. 

A quorum of members must approve these amendments at a brief virtual Special Meeting of the Members that we will invite you to in January 2021. Once the ACFP Bylaw changes are approved, we can make the arrangements to host the virtual AMM.

Important Dates

The ACFP will be sending updates to members throughout the process. See dates below:

  • Mid-Late DEC 2020 | 30 Days Notice of Special Meeting
    • Agenda and Proposed Amendments to ACFP Bylaws
    • Poll for Member Forum Topics
    • Details on how to register for the Special Meeting
  • Mid-Late JAN 2021 | Special Meeting is Held
    • Details on how to register for the upcoming AMM
  • Late FEB 2021 | 30 Days Notice for AMM
    • Agenda for AMM and Member Forum
    • AMM Meeting Materials linked to the ACFP website
    • Details on how to register for the AMM
  • MAR 2021 | AMM is Held followed by an open Members’ Forum

A two-week reminder with connection details and meeting material links will be sent to members ahead of the Special Meeting and the AMM & Members’ Forum.

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