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Heart of Family Medicine Podcasts – New Episodes Added

Listen to the Heart of Family Medicine podcasts where our Executive Director, Terri Potter sits down with your family doctors to chat about their journeys, their passions, their Whys.

Get to know what drives them, what their days are like, and the special moments that make it all worth being a family doctor.

New podcasts added

Episode 7 – Changing Lives Through Acceptance and Life-saving Therapy With Dr. James Makokis
Take a moment to listen to ACFP Executive Director and the Heart of Family Medicine Podcast host Terri Potter as she sits down with Dr. James Makokis and learn about his journey to become a family physician and how he is serving a unique patient population. Understand how his upbringing has informed his perspective to provide whole-person and compassionate, life-saving therapy.

Episode 8 – Practising in Rural Communities is about the People With Dr. Noel DaCunha
Westlock family doctor, Noel DaCunha has been the town family doctor for 30 years. He has developed relationships with his patients that span over four or five generations in some cases. Learn more about what it’s like to be a rural family doctor; why he continues to choose to practise in rural Alberta and how he finds optimism in this trying time.

Listen to more Heart of Family Medicine Podcasts.

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