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February President’s Message – Invitation to the Annual Meeting of Members

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In social media platforms they talk of a 90-9-1 rule where 90% of users are just lurkers, 9% comment, and 1% create content. So our question to you is: If ACFP was a social media platform, would you be considered a lurker, a commenter, or a creator?

Our Annual Meeting of Members is coming up on Saturday, March 2, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. This is a chance for members to “comment” or get engaged. The Board of Directors are looking for your support for their “creation of content” or direction that they are taking with the ACFP.

Come and meet your Board members and vote for the new director being brought on to the Board, ask questions about the work that has been done by the ACFP in the last year, see how things will move forward next year, and make sure your organization is providing the service to you as members that you value.

The Alberta College of Family Physicians is funded by your Chapter membership dues and has the obligation to:
ensure high quality continuing professional development programs and best practice resources are available to you,

  • to provide responsive leadership within the healthcare system on your behalf,
  • to connect with you and ensure you have a place to connect with fellow family physicians, and
  • to build awareness of the value of the family physician.

So, don’t lurk in the background. Come to the Annual meeting and “comment”, tell us how we are doing, or maybe find a way to get involved in a committee or on our Board of Directors. ACFP is your organization.


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