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December’s E-Panel Results Are In!

Results of the December e-panel on digestive health clinical care pathways show that most physicians find them useful and feel there is a way to integrate them into practice before seeking a specialist referral. The sample size of this survey was 29 family physicians from across Alberta.

87% of respondents state that clinical care pathways have a role in practice if used before considering a specialist referral. Over 80% of members agreed or strongly agreed that clinical care pathways are useful, relevant to their practice, and help them provide quality care to their patients.

Participants were asked a total of six questions in an online survey which was open for 10 days. One question asked participants to reflect on what would increase the likelihood of their using a clinical care pathway in their practice.

Full e-panel results are available for download here.

The Alberta Family Medicine E-Panel is an initiative supported by the Alberta College of Family Physicians, Alberta Health Services Clinical Networks, Alberta Health Services Primary Health Care Integration Network, and the Alberta Medical Association. If you have questions about or would like to be a member of this e-panel, please contact Adam Filiatreault.

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