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CPSA Council Update: Standards Clarify Boundaries and Practice Responsibilities

Doctors across Alberta should familiarize themselves with these two recently amended standards of practice, approved by the CPSA Council after an extensive consultation process:

  • Boundary Violations (formerly Sexual Boundary Violations) adds new expectations around non-clinical relationships with patients and learners (e.g., personal, social, business, financial), as well as prohibiting the sexualization of physician-patient relationships.
  • Responsibility for a Medical Practice defines what the College holds physicians accountable for in various practice arrangements and should be priority reading for every Alberta physician.

The standards took effect on July 1, 2018.

The Council has also adopted a Statement of Principles on sexual misconduct by physicians. This statement calls for stricter sanctions when physicians are found to have engaged in sexual misconduct and increased transparency around discipline decisions.

“The public’s expectations are changing and we’re changing with them,” said Council President Kate Wood. “The Minister of Health supports both these directions. We share the same goal: to make sure every patient feels safe seeing a doctor, and to maintain the confidence of all Albertans in the medical profession.”

Questions? Email Chantelle Dick, CPSA Standards of Practice Coordinator.

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