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PEER CPD Roadshows

These popular, evidence-based, multidisciplinary mini-conferences are unique and interactive CPD sessions, completely free from industry bias.

Led by the dynamic PEER team, the Roadshow program provides up to nine hours of education tailored to your community’s specific needs. The PEER CPD Roadshows are full-service events that are certified for members to receive Mainpro+ credits and are sponsored and managed by the ACFP. ACFP staff will facilitate and collaborate with your group throughout the entire planning process.

All you need to do is contact us, complete the needs assessment, and make suggestions for a venue and catering (if applicable).

What to Expect


Step One:  Mini Needs Assessment

  • Collect participant name, email, profession
  • Ask participants to select topics of interest
  • Ask participants to identify three things they wish to take away from the event

Step Two:  Pre-Program Activity

  • Collect participant name, email
  • Ask participants to identify their top question about each topic to be presented


Step Three: PEER CPD Roadshow Delivery

  • Deliver CPD Roadshow
  • Manage Sign In attendance sheet
  • Manage on-site logistics (if applicable)

Step Four:  Program Evaluation

  • Collect participant name, email
  • Ask participants to evaluate program content, presenters, schedule, registration, venue
  • Ask participants to identify three ways in which they will change their practice after attending


Step Five:  Reflective Exercise

  • Collect participant name, email
  • Ask participants to reflect on:
    • If the event achieved what they’d hoped (from the needs assessment)
    • If the speakers/presentations addressed their questions (from the pre-program activity)
    • If they feel that they have been able to incorporate their learning(s) into practice
    • If they feel there are any barriers to implementing their learning(s)