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Applicable  and relevant to a variety of disciplines, the PEIP Conference highlights focused reviews that combine evidence, experience, and patient values.

This fast-paced event targets family physicians, allied health care providers, residents, and students, to learn, discuss, and share the latest studies on evidence-based medicine and new drug therapies to equip practitioners with the best, unbiased information available to improve clinical experiences and provide better patient care.

Save the date for PEIP 2019 – October 25-26!

Informative, Evidence-based, and Immediately Applicable

Session topics for the PEIP conference are tailored, primarily, from the evaluation feedback received from attendees of the previous year’s event. Topic suggestions are collated and chosen based on frequency of request and often represent common clinical scenarios where new information or an evidence-based review could potentially change practice.

Our objectives are:

  • To raise awareness for the evidence-based discipline of medical practice and research,
  • To present an accessible continuing professional development (CPD) event for family physician members and allied health care professionals regardless of location or limitations,
  • To annually present a dynamic, unique and positively branded CPD event experience.

Planning Committee

The PEIP Planning Committee ensures that all perspectives are considered in the planning process by providing professional guidance, knowledge, and discernment in program and event development.

Michael R. Kolber, BSc MD CCFP MSc (Chair)
G. Michael Allan, MD CCFP
Carmen Gingles, MD CCFP
Christina Korownyk, MD CCFP
Adrienne J Lindblad, BSP PharmD ACPR
Tony Nickonchuk, BSc Pharm
Danielle Perry, BScN RN