Practical Evidence for Informed Practice (PEIP) Conference

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PEER as sole presenter of the PEIP Conference

The Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) and PEER (Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research), have made a joint decision on the future of the Practical Evidence for Informed Practice (PEIP) conference. After 10 successful years as co-presenters of the PEIP conference, the ACFP and PEER have made a strategic decision to move away from being co-presenters for the conference, leaving PEER as the sole organization responsible for the delivery of the conference. Together, the ACFP and PEER have delivered practice-changing continuing professional development (CPD) to more than 5,600 family physicians, pharmacists, nurses, residents, and students and are extremely proud of the PEIP conference it created together.

While the ACFP will no longer be involved in the delivery of the PEIP conference, it will remain its biggest supporter and is pleased its members can continue to benefit from one of the leading evidence-based medicine conferences in the country. Stepping away from the delivery of the PEIP conference allows the ACFP to allocate resources to an evolution of programming for its members and PEER more flexibility in its programs’ direction.


“ACFP continues to support evidence-based medicine resource development done by PEER including the Tools for Practice articles, Primary Care Guidelines, Pricing Document and our other partnerships with PEER,” says Dr. Sudha Koppula, President of ACFP. “Our partnership continues as we hand over the proverbial keys to PEER giving them the freedom to take the PEIP conference to the next level.”
Dr. Mike Kolber, Chair, PEIP Conference, says. “I want to especially thank the ACFP staff, our Scientific Planning Committee, and our past attendees for making PEIP a success. We are excited for the future of PEIP conference and are committed to continue to deliver a world-class continuing educational event.”

Continued Commitment to Evidence-Based and Family Medicine-Led Resource Development

Since 2009, the ACFP has been a long-time collaborator and partner of the evidence-based team (now PEER) helping deliver to its members the Tools for Practice articles, the widely popular evidence-based summaries. In the fall of 2020, the Tools for Practice program along with the development work of PEER expanded nationally under the CFPC’s Knowledge Experts and Tools Initiative (KET). The ACFP’s commitment as a funding organization for KET remains unchanged and will continue to support the work of PEER to develop, disseminate, and promote clinical guidelines, tools, CPD, and any other relevant knowledge translation materials that are designed for family physicians and primary health care providers.