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A Patient’s Journey with Pain – Finding HELP AB

By Agatha Grochowski Tracy Fossum has been in a long-term relationship with chronic pain for as long as she can remember. Through the years, Tracy’s pain became harder to manage. “I felt very unstable. I didn’t know what it meant and where it was going… I didn’t understand what was happening to me.” Even with…

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The (em)Power of Pathways

By Agatha Grochowski Better Care for Patients: Learning from Jocelan Yeomans, Individual with Lived Experience By the age of 23, Jocelan Yeomans found herself married with three children. With a difficult childhood behind her, she felt overwhelmed and ill equipped at this stage of her life. Things took a turn when a friend introduced her…

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Speaking on Stigma in Our Systems – How Can we Make Change?

I have been thinking a lot about stigma and its implications for people with substance use disorders and/or chronic pain. Stigma is defined as “an attribute or quality which significantly discredits one in the eyes of others.”[i] The Fear of StigmatizationAt a recent session of the Community of Practice for Housing and Harm Reduction, the…

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