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Sonya Lee

I’m Dr. Sonya Lee and I’m a Family Physician who trained at the University of Toronto, where I completed my residency, a Women’s Health Scholarship and a Masters of Health Science.

I currently work as an Academic Family Physician at the University of Calgary and practice broad scope Family Medicine, with clinical interests in Women’s Health, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. I’m highly involved in teaching and education at all levels.

Since joining the Department of Family Medicine, I have held various administrative and leadership positions. I’m married with 3 children, and enjoy running, skiing and other outdoor activities, as well as watching my children play soccer.

My experience as a Board member

Through the board I most enjoy contributing to the future of family medicine by helping family physicians provide the best care to their patients and their families and being able to work with the other board members and the ACFP staff, who are all wonderful and amazing people!