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As a family physician, what IS the benefit of treating Opioid Use Disorder?

For patients, the evidence is clear that treating Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Primary Care results in higher rates of patients retained in
treatment, as well as higher rates of patients abstinent from street opioids.

We know that family practice provides a trusted space where patients are most comfortable, creating the ideal environment to discuss opioid use, challenges and treatment.  But what about the family physicians?  We asked the ACFP Opioid  Response Task Force what, in their eyes, is the benefit of treating OUD in primary care and the responses were incredibly powerful.

Giving someone something effective is phenomenal.  As a healer – it is amazing. Every opportunity we get to help someone on a healing journey makes everything worthwhile.
Dr. Christine Kennedy

Starting someone on [buprenorphine/naloxone] and immediately improving their quality of life within 48 hours is the most professionally rewarding experience.  – Dr. Jazmin Marlinga

Restoring hope in patients.  Helping patients understand universally how to get their life back. – Dr. Ted Findlay

Across the province numerous initiatives and activities are underway to address the opioid crisis.  From community groups to law enforcement to health professionals there is considerable investment of time and resources in supporting people with an opioid dependency.

Click here for more information on how you can support your patients with OUD and the resources available to support you and your practice trough the Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative.

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