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Strengthening research in family medicine

We aim to support family medicine research in Alberta by:

  • encouraging our members interest in conducting research,
  • promoting their expertise and skills as researchers,
  • communicating how they can contribute as sentinel practices to projects that are well grounded in family medicine, such as CPCSSN, TARRANT flu watch, etc.

We believe all our members, regardless of their research skill, have the ability and responsibility to meaningfully contribute to family medicine and primary care research projects being conducted in their practice community.

We support our family medicine researchers and PBRNs, and are pleased to highlight in-progress research projects that are well-grounded in family medicine practice, and have demonstrated substantial input from family physicians at the earliest stages of the research project development.

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CFPC members who have obtained specialized skills in research, and the investment they make to share their expertise, experience and time to lead research projects that create the evidence that forms the foundation of family medicine.


  • Collaborations
  • Contribute to discussions on family medicine research ideas
  • Share information on funding opportunities available

Get Involved!

Learn about what your colleagues are doing. Participate in research projects that are well-grounded in family practice and primary care. Contribute to practice-based research networks (PBRNs).


The ACFP collects and shares information on research projects that are well-grounded in, and relevant to, family medicine and primary care, and works to highlight the value of research conducted ‘with’ family physicians’ practice within their communities.

Get Involved With Our Research Postings!


Are you interested in improving symptom management for cirrhosis care in Alberta?
Enhancing Alberta Primary Care Research Networks (EnACt), led by Dr. Lee Green is conducting a qualitative research study seeking to understand the thinking and decision-making processes that take place when primary care physicians manage the symptoms of patients living with cirrhosis. 
Physician involvement:

The team would like to interview primary care physicians in a one-hour virtual (e.g., Zoom or telephone) format to know more about their role and thinking within the process of symptom management in cirrhosis care. Honorariums will be offered for their time. Currently, they looking to add representation from Edmonton and Northern Alberta. 

Please contact Lynn Toon at for more information.