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Archived What’s Up Doc? Presentations

NOTE: All poster and oral presentation content is made available on this site through expressed consent by the research authors. Not all presentations at the event are available for viewing on our website.

Assessing medical students’ knowledge of the PMH
Patient-Reported Outcomes of PRP Therapy for Osteoarthritis
Identifying Opportunities for Physician Audit and Feedback
Factors Influencing Rural Career Choice of Urban Background FM Graduates
Validation of an Adult Asthma Search Algorithm
Using cognitive Task Analysis in Primary Care: Transformation through Innovation
Transitions in Care from Acute Care to Home
SIDS and other sleep-related injuries and deaths in Alberta
Primary Care Prescribing of Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT)
PCN Clinical Pathway for Decision-Making Capacity Assessment
Patient-Reported Outcomes of PRP Therapy for Tendinopathy

Evaluation of low value prenatal TSH testing in Alberta

Predictors of Social Isolation in Community-Dwelling Seniors: The Importance of Asking about Transportation Mobility
Fostering seamless transitions of care: Collaboration between Rapid Access Unit and FM Teaching Clinic
Clinical symptoms associated with influenza infection in Alberta during 2018/2019 “FLU” season
Collaborative Shoulder Pain Care: Surgical Wait Times and Functional Patient Outcomes

Academia in Family Medicine

Asthma and Youth Soccer