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NOTE: All poster and oral presentation content is made available on this site through expressed consent by the research authors. Not all presentations at the event are available for viewing on our website.

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1. A De Novo Pharmacist-family Physician Collaboration Model in a Family Medicine Clinic

2. Trends in fentanyl use and preference for fentanyl: implications for opioid agonist prescribing practices and harm reduction efforts in primary care

3. Where’s The Beef? Calming the COVID-19 Storm Wit h Socio-Clinical Interventions

4. The Efficacy of Journaling in the Management of Mental Illness: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

5. The Impact of Urban-based Family Medicine Postgraduate Rotations on Rural Preceptor/Teachers (IMPORT)

6. The Primary Care Network COVID-19 Integrated Pathway: A Rapid Response to Health and Social Impacts of COVID-19

7. Antihypertensive Deprescribing in Long-Term Care (ADCARE): Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

8. The Practical Clinical Advantages of the Edmonton Obesity Staging System

9. The Care-of-the-Elderly Health Guide

10. What Do Patients and Primary Care Providers Value in a Prevention Visit? A Qualitative Evaluation of the Better Wise Project

11. Drivers, Navigators, and Passengers: How Do Those Living with Advanced Complex Chronic Diseases Want to Self-Care?

12. Validating Primary Care EMR Data for Osteoarthritis

13. Early Learnings from Engaging Older People with Experiences of Homelessness in Health Service Co-Design

14. Care-of-the-elderly graduates provide essential services in Alberta

15. The Key Role of Family Physicians in Reducing Risk Factors to Prevent the Average Prevalence of Nine Strokes in Each Family Physicians Practice, and Their Key Role As First Contact in Detecting Patent Foramen Ovale (25% of population) and Sessing as Stroke Risk

16. Using Co-Design to Create Patient-Centered Tools for Living With Dyspepsia

17. Influenza Surveillance In Alberta During The COVID-19 Pandemic

18. Improving the Quality of Prescription Information in Primary Care EMR Data Using a Machine Learning Approach

19. Methods for Defining a Patient Denominator in the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN) Database: Recommendations for Best Practices

20. Creating Effective Infographics, What Matters? A Literature Review

21. Family Physician Prescribing Practices and Perspectives on Shared Decision Making Regarding the use of Oral Anticoagulants for Stroke Prevention in Patients 75 Years or Older with Atrial Fibrillation

22. Important Outcomes for Type 2 Diabetes: The Patient’s Perspective

23. Illuminating the Evolving Impacts of COVID-19 on Ethnocultural Communities in Edmonton: The Illuminate Project

24. Caregiver-Centered Care Education for the Health Workforce: Evaluating the Education

25. A Tale of Two Solitudes Experienced by Alberta Family Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

26. Enhanced Home Living Client and Caregiver Supports Pilot Edmonton Zone

27. Understandings of Generalism in Physician Clinical Practice: A Systematic Review

28. Acute Concussion vs Post—Concussion Syndrome: How Can We Prevent Progression?

29. Healthy or Harmful? A Realist Review on the Impact of Health System Engagement for People Who Use Drugs

30. Timelines of Concussion Symptom Recovery and Return to Participation of Patients Presenting to a Community Physiotherapy Clinic

The BedMed Initiative: Bedtime Diuretic Tolerance Sub-Study

Authors: Garrison, SR; Allan, GM; Kolber, MR; Korownyk, C; Lindbald, A; Green, LA; Gayayan, A; Olivier, N; Kelmer, M



Co-designing Caregiver-Centered Care Health Workforce Training: Making the Leap to Support All Alberta Family Caregiver

Authors: Parmar, J; Anderson, S.D; Duggleby, W; Holroyd-Leduc, J; Bremault-Phillips, S; Pollard, C; Charles, L; Haq, A



Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Education

Authors: Charles L; Parmar J; Brémault-Phillips S; Kilkenny T; Johnson M; Dobbs B; Tian P; Babenko O




Do Medical Students Have a Family Physician? Attitudes and Barriers to Seeking Care

Authors: Gurleen Brar, Olga Szafran, Kimberley Duerksen




Enhancing Person-Centred Practice in Primary Care in Alberta: Implementation & Evaluation of Quality Indicators Informed by the Patient Voice

Authors: Kimberly Manalili, Catherine M. Scott, Maeve O’Beirne, Brenda Hemmelgarn, and Maria J. Santana



The Impact of Comorbidities on Calgary Hospital Utilization for Patients with COPD and Heart Failure

Authors: Douglas Woodhouse, Brenna Murray, Najla Samardzic, Christopher Rice, Ashleigh Metcs, Kelly Burak



The importance of centralized referrals: current management of early pregnancy loss in Greater Victoria and future interventions for timely and standardized care

Authors: J. Cooper; L. Cooper; J. Dennie; K. Trouton; K. Kuss; K. Whitehill; J. Graham; A. Weng



Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Alberta and Canada, 2019/20 : A mid-season analysis

Authors: Y Efegoma, S Orenstein, SPSNetwork, Skowronski D and J Dickinson




Polypharmacy in seniors discharged from Calgary hospitals 2013-2017. Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Omissions: STOPP, START and AGS criteria

Authors: Roger E. Thomas, Leonard T. Nguyen, Dave Jackson, Christopher Naugler



Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in the Elderly

Authors: Lesley Charles; Elena Kumar; Eimad Elghol; Bonnie Dobbs; Peter Tian; Oksana Babenko




Potentially inappropriate medications in ≥ 65s using STOPP/START 2015 and Beers 2015 criteria

Authors: Roger E. Thomas, Bennett Thomas



Stakeholder Engagement: Developing an Innovative Population Heath Approach to Support Family Caregiver

Authors: Parmar; Poole; Anderson; Duggleby; Holroyd-Leduc; Bremault-Phillips; Pollard; Janzen; Muller; Haq



Risk Factors for Incidence of Dementia in Primary Care Settings

Authors: Anh Pham, Cliff Lindeman, Don Voaklander, Adrian Wagg, Neil Drummond

Community Health Navigator Intervention for Patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases: Results from the ENCOMPASS Pilot Study

Authors: Jennifer Malkin, Dailys Garia Jorda, Natalie C. Ludlow, David Campbell, Gabriel Fabreau, Kerry A. McBrien



Cytolytic Vaginosis: A Systematic Scoping Review

Authors: Roni Kraut, Suzwant Gill, Sandy Campell, Fabiola Dia Carvall




Evaluating the impact of a community-based wellness program for Indigenous women using nominal group technique

Authors: Sonja Wicklum



Implementation of the Primary Care Pathway for the Prevention and Management of Obesity (3PMO) within Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (PCN)

Authors: Sonja Wicklum, Martha Nystrom



Optimizing Emergency Department Care Transitions of Outpatient Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Authors: Fariba Aghajafari



Recommendation on screening adults for asymptomatic thyroid dysfunction in primary care

Authors: Ainsley Moore, John Riva