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2020 Research Showcase Poster Displays

  • Abstract Title: “A Novel Decision Aid to Help Plan for Serious Illness Support (Plan Well Guide): Results of a Multi-Site Randomized Trial”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Alice Bailey

  • Abstract Title: “Assessing the Impact of Co-morbitities for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Heart Failure (HF) in Calgary Zone Hospitals”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Douglas Woodhouse

  • Abstract Title: “Co-Designing Caregiver-Centered Care Health Workforce Competencies and Training: Making the Leap To Support All Alberta Family Caregivers”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Jasneet Parmar

  • Abstract Title: “Contextualizing Obesity and Diabetes Care For Vulnerable Immigrant Populations: A Participatory Multidisciplinary Approach”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Nicole Ofosu

  • Abstract Title: “Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Education”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Lesley Charles

  • Abstract Title:  “Do Medical Students Have A Family Physician? Attitudes and Barriers to Seeking Care”

Primary Presenter: Ms. Gurleen Brar

  • Abstract Title: “Enhancing Person-Centred Practice in Primary Care in Alberta: Implementation & Evaluation of Quality Indicators Informed by the Patient Voice”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Maeve O’Beirne and Ms. Kimberly Manalili

  • Abstract Title: “Family Medicine Resident’s Goals in Clinical Settings and Performance on the In-Training Examination”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Oksana Babenko

  • Abstract Title: “Importance of Centralized Referral: Current Management of Early Pregnancy Loss in Greater Victoria and Future Interventions for Providing Timely and Standardized Care”

Primary Presenter: Ms. Anita Weng

  • Abstract Title: “Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Alberta and Canada: Mid-Season Analysis”

Primary Presenter: Ms. Yvonne Efegoma

  • Abstract Title: “Perceived Intimidation, Harassment and Discrimination During Family Medicine Residency Training: A Mixed Methods Study”

Primary Presenter: Olga Szafran

  • Abstract Title: “Polypharmacy in Seniors Admitted to Calgary Hospitals 2013-2018”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Roger Thomas


  • Abstract Title: “Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Elderly”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Jean Triscott

  • Abstract Title: “Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Report on Two Cases”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Jean Triscott

  • Abstract Title: “Profiles of Patients With Prolonged Concussion Symptoms Referred to an Interdisciplinary Concussion Clinic”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Teresa DeFreitas

  • Abstract Title: “Recommendations for the Care of Patients Receiving Conservative Kidney Management: Focus on Management of CKD and Symptoms”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Jean Triscott

  • Abstract Title: “Risk Factors for Incidence of Dementia in Primary Care Settings”

Primary Presenter: Ms. Anh Pham

  • Abstract Title:  “Spread of Primary Care Supports for Digestive Healthcare”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Julia Carter

  • Abstract Title: “Stakeholder Engagement: Developing an Innovative Population Health Approach to Support Family Caregivers of Older Adults”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Janseet Parmar

  • Abstract Title: “STI Testing “To Go””

Primary Presenter: Dr. Julia Carter

  • Abstract Title: “Systematic Review of Polypharmacy in Patients 65 and Over Measured By The American Geriatric Society and Stop/Start Criteria”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Roger Thomas

  • Abstract Title: “The BEDMED Initiative-Making Better Use of Existing Therapeutics – BEDMED Diuretic Tolerance Substudy 

Dr. Scott Garrison

  • Abstract Title: “The Consequence of Beta-Lactam Allergy Labelling for Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Edmonton” 

Primary Presenter: Ms. Katelynn Crick

  • Abstract Title: “Tolerance of Ambiguity and Uncertainty and Prospective Specialty Choice Among 3rd Year Medical Students”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Oksana Babenko