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2020 Research Showcase Oral Presentations

  • Abstract Title: ” A Cluster Analysis Exploring the Relationship Between Daily Patient Volume, Provider Panel Size, Service Day Provision and Patient Health Outcomes in Alberta General Practitioner”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Terrence McDonald

  • Abstract Title: “Canadian Task Force Recommendations on Screening for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma in Patients with Chronic Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) without Alarm Symptoms”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Eddy Lang

  • Abstract Title: “Community Health Navigator Intervention for Patients With Complex Chronic Disease: A Pilot Study”

Primary Presenter: Ms. Jennifer Malkin

  • Abstract Title: “Cytolytic Vaginosis: A Systematic Scoping Review”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Fabio Diaz Carvallo

  • Abstract Title: “Electronic Advice Request System for Nephrology in Alberta: Pilot Results and Implementation”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Deenaz Zaidi

  • Abstract Title: “Emergency Department-Based Care Effective Transition Interventions to Primary Care Among Adults – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Fariba Aghajafari

  • Abstract Title:  “Evaluating the Impact of a Community Based Wellness Program for Indigenous Women Using Nominal Group Technique to Build Consensus”

Primary Presenter:  Dr. Sonja Wicklum

  • Abstract Title: “Evaluating the Effects of Audit and Feedback on the Use of Antipsychotics and Sedatives in Patients Admitted to Calgary Hospitals”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Douglas Woodhouse

  • Abstract Title: “Implementation of the Primary Care Pathway for the Prevention and Management of Obesity (3PMO) within Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Sonja Wicklum

  • Abstract Title: “Improving Improvement: Using Diffusion of Innovations and Adapted Cognitive Task Analysis to Support Primary Care Transformation”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Lee Green

  • Abstract Title: “Recommendation on Screening Adults for Asymptomatic Thyroid Dysfunction in Primary Care”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Ainsley Moore

  • Abstract Title: “Understanding Mental Models: Improving Specialty and Primary Care integration”

Primary Presenter: Dr. Lee Green