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Family Medicine Research

Research is the root of family medicine.

Projects that arise from questions generated in community-based practice are essential to family medicine and to the development of health care strategies that lead to better outcomes for patients.

Alberta has outstanding medical researchers and facilities that contribute to the discipline of family medicine by demonstrating the unique value family physicians bring to their patient communities and the health care system.

ACFP  endeavours to highlight research rooted in family medicine.

Appropriate, meaningful collaboration among researchers in primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings, medical research institutes, and academic environments results in substantially improved patient outcomes, disease prevention strategies, and health service delivery methods

    Informing. Adapting. Building

“Family medicine is the cornerstone of the health care system in Canada. Family medicine research creates our evidentiary base which forms the foundation of our discipline.

The ability to identify, rigorously study, and cite our own evidence is essential to establishing the value and impact of family medicine on our patients and the Canadian health care system.”

The SOR’s Blueprint for Family Medicine Research Success 2012-2017

The ACFP has a long-standing commitment to research that is well grounded in family practice and supports the CFPC’s Section of Researchers’ (SOR) vision and mandate.

What’s Up Doc Research Showcase – Call for Research Abstracts Is Closed

Thank you again, to all who submitted to present at our Research Showcase. For a full list of our scheduled presenters, presentation guidelines, and poster assignment/floor plan click here.

Want to be in our 2020 Family Medicine Summit Research Showcase? Please contact Lorrainne Dubois, see details below.

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Please contact Lorrainne Dubois with any questions you may have.
Phone: 780-701-9715 or 1-800-361-0607 (Ext. 205)